Protect Data with SSL Certificate

Secure your website or server to conduct safe, secure e-commerce transactions over the Internet.

  Rapid SSL Multi-Domain SSL Wildcard SSL
Annual Price US $55 US $100 US $195
Universal Browser CompatibilityCompatible with all the popular web browsers including Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc..      
Encryption Level (128-bits)Encryption is the process that SSL uses to secure data sent between your web server and client web browsers. Encryption is rated by its number of bits; the higher the bits the stronger the encryption and the more secure sensitive data is.      
Domain ValidationBefore issuing an SSL certificate we check if you are the rightful owner of the domain.      
Standard Trust LevelCertificates with Standard Trust Level provide your site with https (secured) connection.    
Quick & Easy InstallationIf you have your own SSL certificate purchased from other SSL provider and you want us to transfer/install on your domain on our server, we will charge you $30 installation fee (one time fee) + $24 (per year fee) dedicated IP address fee which is required to setup an SSL on your domain.      
24x7x365 Support      
Free IP Address Free IP address will be allocated to those websites which have been hosted in the VPS purchased with us. 1 IP 1 IP 1 IP
Best to Protect Single Domain 3 SSL hostnames All Subdomains

SSL Certificates


Rapid SSL

RapidSSL is an ideal choice for securing new, small and medium-sized businesses and web pages with limited traffic. RapidSSL is an affordable, domain-validated certificate. RapidSSL certificate is issued to a fully qualified domain name.


Wildcard SSL

Each SSL certificate is issued to a fully qualified domain name. This usual method becomes tedious when you need to secure a number of subdomains on the same domain name. With this Wildcard SSL, you can easily secure an unlimited number of subdomains of the same domain.

Customer Reviews

Nikolaus Roellecke

I have a background of IT but not much aware about managing IIS, FTP, DNS, etc.. I have just hosted my first website with the help of tech team and now I am able to manage it by myself. Even I am now familiar with entire procedure and do everything.

Server performance and service quality are far better than what I have expected!

November 27, 2015

Kaitlyn Kristy

I have been with PlatinumVPS since many months. They are providing best support to customers. The chat support technicians are always ready to assist and fix the issue within few minutes. I have never faced any support issue till date.

I have recommended this host to my other friends as well...

November 26, 2015

Ellie Baroni

My developer was not reachable and I needed to fix my website error urgently. Tech support resolved my website issue out of courtesy and saved my day.

I am very much impressed with the customer service..

November 25, 2015

Wang Qiang

I am not an IT guy and do not have any knowledge about DNS and other stuff.. PlatinumVPS team did these all on my behalf. I have taken correct decision by choosing such hosting provider. The chat representatives are always ready to assist us. Fully satisfied with the managed service.


November 23, 2015

Sharon Campbell

I was facing a problem in creating an account in my control panel. A tech not even assisted but also taught me the process and guided in right direction...

Thank you guys for being so much helpful!

November 20, 2015

Konstantin Page

Overall, I am very much impressed with the high quality web site, low price and super fast server speed.

I needed support about an invoice I was paying for my annual renewal. It was the weekend and was very surprised to get a response from their billing team, answering my question, right away. They were polite and responsive....excellent customer service.

February 21, 2014