Our Downtown Denver Data Center Facility

Our servers are located at a professional data center facility in downtown, Colorado, Denver, USA. At our data center premises, it is equipped with more than 4,500 square feet of raised floor and another 5,000 square feet area for their daily business operations and on-site staff. 


Located in Denver’s central business district, the building our data center occupy has power feeds from numerous substations. Electrical service is plugged into a Mitsubishi 375 KVA UPS, that produces conditioned electricity to the data center. In the event of a utility power failure, their diesel generator will quickly starting up and begin carrying the whole data center load. Building life protection systems are supported by two standalone generators. Redundant “B” side power is supplied via a PowerWare 9315 160KVA UPS.  Both of these (i.e. A as well as B side) power are generator backed.


Cooling and humidity is managed by 7 air handling units having N+1 redundancy. The HVAC unit maintains the operating atmosphere of the data center at 70 degrees within 45% humidity with maximum change of approximately 4 degrees to temperature as well as 4% humidity. In order to ensure ideal cooling and air circulation is available constantly, air flow studies are conducted and an analyzed with infrared heat sensing camera, this process is performed frequently. Our data center has also installed local as well as remote environmental tracking systems. For further redundancy, CRAC units are connected with diverse heat rejection sources and mechanisms.


Our data center facility is situated in a building having 24×7 on site security. Even after the business hours, every person stepping into the building or leaving the building needs to provide building credentials and sign in with onsite security staff. Upon doing so, they only allowed elevator access for the floor that they really have the access. Moreover, our data center has their own security system having an access control systems within our office suite and remotely monitored video surveillance.

Fire Detection and Suppression

Fire detection system of the data center is available with an early detection alarm system that observes both inside their office suite and the building’s 24×7 security staff. The data center has sensors that mounted at above and below the raised flooring. The fire suppression techniques are a pre-action, dry pipe release water only from the relevant locations when the heat in the data center increases enough to trigger a fire sprinkler head. The discharge of a sprinkler signals the emergency power-off switch, that quickly de-activate the commercial electric power supply of the data center and switch to the UPS power supply.